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A movie about the mobilization of the Strader main device from Rudolf Steiner

Movie - Formatorium Accousticum Vitum   Title : Formatorium Accousticum Vitum
  Subtitle : The mobilisation of the Strader main device from Rudolf Steiner
  Producer : Imagilogos
  Duration : 93 minutes
  Language : Dutch
  Subtitles : Dutch / English / German
  Première : 21-12-2012
  Availability : Internet
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While the apotheosis of the movie is the mobilization of the Strader main device, the movie will first cover several independent but interconnected subjects:

In a brief introduction will be explained how the Strader devices from Rudolf Steiner can be transformed into a higher dimension (as further discussed in the next paragraph). This applies in particular to the Strader main device, which is, in our view, the so-called inverse of Rudolf Steiner's representation of the coming New Jerusalem.

When carefully examined, both the Strader main device, as well as Rudolf Steiner’s representation of the New Jerusalem, turn out to consist of 19 distinguishable parts each. Read More [...]

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