Movie — Formatorium Accousticum Vitum

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A movie about the mobilization of the Strader main device from Rudolf Steiner

Movie - Formatorium Accousticum Vitum   Title : Formatorium Accousticum Vitum
  Subtitle : The mobilisation of the Strader main device from Rudolf Steiner
  Producer : Imagilogos
  Duration : 93 minutes
  Language : Dutch
  Subtitles : Dutch / English / German
  Première : 21-12-2012
  Availability : Internet
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While the apotheosis of the movie is the mobilization of the Strader main device, the movie will first cover several independent but interconnected subjects:

In a brief introduction will be explained how the Strader devices from Rudolf Steiner can be transformed into a higher dimension (as further discussed in the next paragraph). This applies in particular to the Strader main device, which is, in our view, the so-called inverse of Rudolf Steiner's representation of the coming New Jerusalem.

When carefully examined, both the Strader main device, as well as Rudolf Steiner’s representation of the New Jerusalem, turn out to consist of 19 distinguishable parts each. And by using the so-called ‘transformation keys’ from Rudolf Steiner — by which an object can transform into another object — each separate Strader-part can be transformed into its corresponding Jerusalem-counterpart.

Strader main and additive devices

Exactly halfway this transformation process, a truly mathematically unique figure will appear, namely, the so-called magic 19 hexagon. When this hexagon is carefully examined, it turns out that this hexagon does not only consist of 19 uniquely arranged numbers: it also consists of 19 unique numerical strips and 19 so-called numerical ‘runes’. Furthermore, the movie explains how the distinguished parts of the Strader main device, along with the distinguished parts of the New Jerusalem, relate to the distinguished parts of this hexagon.

Magical hexagon with the Tree of Life pattern

The previously introduced cohesion between the Strader main device and Rudolf Steiner’s representation of the New Jerusalem, will also turn out to relate to a specific piece of calendar science, namely: When counting from the year 1841 with a period of 38 years1, two so-called Metonic cycles2 (of 19 years each) are exactly covered. This period of 38 years, or, in other words, this ‘double Metonic cycle’, will turn out to be part of – as well as the start of – an overall period of 192 = 361 years, ending at the year 2202. Therefore, this overall period of 361 years exactly covers 19 Metonic cycles, which is as many cycles as one of such cycles counts years! Also, an explanation is given of how this calendar science relates to the distinguished Strader-, Jerusalem-, and hexagon parts.

Finally, the apotheosis of the movie will be both an explanation as well as a demonstration of how the linearly representation of all the previously named components will provide the necessary input variables for the actual (one-dimensional) acoustic mobilization of the Strader main device.



The use of Metonic cycles will be explained in the movie.


An explanation of the Metonic cycle can be found here.